Toshiba Qosmio F755 3D, world’s first glasses-free 3D Laptop


The world around us seems to be going 3D everywhere we look, soon we’ll be born already embellished with built-in 3D spectacles to give us the innate ability to view the most ‘realistic’ world.

However, the Toshiba manufacturer has proudly heralded the arrival of the first ever 3D laptop computer, available to experience without the cumbersome specs needed at the cinema.

One wonders though how on earth Toshiba dreamed up the ‘Qosmio F755 3D’ name from a dictionary of words that would more easily roll off the tongue than this – but, without a doubt the laptop heralds a new ‘hello Tosh, got a 3D Toshiba?’ dawn.

The Qosmio is available from the middle of August which is sure to brighten the summer month’s of many and is capable of displaying both 2D and 3D content, all visually demonstrated on a lone screen.

Toshiba are confident there is enough power and hardware to give even the most demanding of users the joys of a super performing laptop as well as providing the 3D world.

From fancy technological names as ‘auto-stereoscopic display technology’, this machine comes fully endowed with a crystal clear 15.6 inch HD display screen which is sure to impress as much as it sounds and thus effectively gives two screens in one package.

In its heart beats a phenomenal Intel® Core™ i7 processor4 and tough GeForce graphics card alongside a 750GB hard drive to meet even the heaviest of storage needs, all of which contribute to the Qosmio’s easy handling of all things three dimensional.

Toshiba’s offering is also able to provide Blu-Ray and HD rewriteable and recordable video easily, in fact it makes it look like a complete cinch. One wonders if anyone would ever want to live in a boring 2D existence ever again after owning this product! Beware though, what is most definitely real is the price for such gadget wizardry, prices enter the market at around $1,700.

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