The Kingdom Tower – World’s New Tallest Building


Certainly one to avoid if you suffer from acrophobia (an irrational fear of heights) as this brand new construction, due to be unveiled in the future is now primed for a very real existence.

Described to soon have the status of the highest worldwide building, the Kingdom Tower will be about one kilometre upwards. Yes, that’s a staggering 3,280 feet vertically into the blue skies when it is built in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. The ‘Burj Khalifa’ simply won’t get a look in next to this monster as it’s really a miniscule building in comparison, just over 2,700 feet.

Its cost will be astronomical as compared to height, but some may say the $21 billion dollar price tag for the tower and the encompassing ‘real estate’ is a snip as it is a symbol of a globally recognised cultural and business leader. Designer Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture have outlined that the actual construction stage will start very quickly as initial work required for the tower is now out to tender in Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah, close to the Red Sea.

Those daring to travel the tower and ride to its heady heights in one of the 59 provided elevators at a rip roaring speed of ten metres every second output by some, can enjoy the lift up the Kingdom that lasts for almost two minutes. Atop this amazing feat you’ll probably need quite a lay-down, but do not fret, Four Seasons hotel accommodation and apartments will be available and luxurious condos on hand. For those workaholics, offices situated next to the world’s tallest located observatory are also going to be made available, however at what steep price tag is anyone’s guess!

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