Samsung Galaxy S2 Mobile Phone: Dual-Core Power, Amazing Screen


Samsung doesn’t fail to impress often and this, our Android loving friends, is most certainly one of those occasions that delivers in copiously generous amounts on many different levels.

The Samsung S2 Mobile Phone, powered by Google juice, was released around 3 months ago to the UK public and is living up to its reputation and speed. Housing a wonderful screen, an Android underpinning system, alongside a fabulous 8 megapixel camera for amateur image captures and HD video, a front-facing lens for video calling, this sleeky, sexy little number seems to be squished into what can only be described as featherweight casing.

But as always for those gadgets that are most craved, deliciously fashionable and highly geek-ified, there is a high price tag to stump up. Available free of charge on a selection of tariffs starting at a reasonable 30 English pounds per month, or opt for a SIM free ‘phone which will give ultimate street-cred at an unenviable price of £500 or so, ouch.

The Samsung easily supports multiple Google accounts, is branded with Google maps in case you get lost or need handy directions and has a great app to access other POP3 e-mail providers. Screens are delightfully fast to navigate because of the S2’s beefy processing power, a dual-core number, giving a smooth transition from one screen to the next.

Featuring a 4.3 inch screen, media player, internet connectivity, stamina from battery life and so much more, the Samsung S2 is certainly quite a big boy. Making the Apple iPhone 4 look comparatively tiny with its 3.5 inches of display the Samsung struts it stuff admirably and size as they say, makes all the difference when it comes to practical application!

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