Phantom Camera: One Million FPS Speed Freak


You would be forgiven in thinking the one million could be a typo here, but no, we assure you the new offering in the Phantom range video cameras by Vision Research really can take a million frames per second (FPS).

The Phantom v1610, which sounds very much like a Marvel comic hero, undoubtedly brings a new element to the world of slow motion on every frame captured.

It is however debatable how much the human eye can see anyway and a breathtaking speed of this kind could be wasted on most mere mortals, so it’s questionable on what kind of everyday situation most trigger happy video takers would actually use it for.

So, does zero to hero impress or is it simply an over required extravagance that is merely a selling point by Vision Research – are they essentially trying to be the first to the moon in this case? The answer probably lays (we say possibly mind you!) in a practical use of the million FPS video camera within situations that call for a super, amazingly, slow, snail paced motion take. Yes, we mean dreadfully slow, slower than paint dries on the bottom of a swimming pool, that’s how leisurely we’re describing.

But there’s a catch, in order take the mind blowing 1 million FPS shots, the resolution of the images drops right down to a measly 128×16 size, which unless you’re using an ultra powered microscope to view, really are quite useless in most applications. Therefore it seems a happy compromise is needed between video happy human and crazily fast camera to acquire the shots that are practically of any use at all.

With speed will come eye watering price though, that you can bet on, this is as definite as BetaMax outliving VHS. Hugely expensive as the first digital cameras were years ago, the Phantom Camera is sure to be of equally elevated price and as yet, has not been announced. So if you’re desperate to buy one, either wait for a drop in initial launch value or start raiding your bank savings right away.

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