Warsaw’s Keret House: Slimmer of the year


Now, this is what’s termed as a house that’s been on a severe diet. The latest celebrity ‘fad’ eating plan has nothing on the innovative Polish designed, ultra-thin house, created by Jakub Szczęny for Israeli born author, Etgar Keret.

With a design brief insisting the slim property has to slip neatly in the centre of a partnership of two other existing Warsaw based buildings, it certainly does make the most of a confined space! The slender house design is so small, the widest part of the property will only be four feet, with the tiniest area a mere 28 inches, the desired waist size of many aspiring overweight male slimmers.

In fact, this house ‘that Jakub built’ will fail to uphold the required building regulations locally, so it’s being described as a work of art to cleverly circumnavigate this inconvenience. The amazing construction design (sorry, ‘art exhibition’) is likely to be finished by the end of 2011, so by Christmas this tiny habitat will be labelled as Warsaw’s most slim residence, possibly the skinniest house on the entire globe!

Mr Keret is also planning to invite visitors to his new abode which is tipped to provide the most inspiring surroundings for other like-minded, clever and most intelligent souls. A ‘size zero’ certainly wouldn’t go amiss if planning to visit the Polish abode though, so get on those diets well in advance to experience the properly plumbed and electricity supplied rooms belonging to this ultra-confined little number.

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