Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Speakers, Wifi and Apple AirPlay


If ultra-trendy and modern living is your thing, then the new Fidelio SoundSphere speakers manufactured by Philips are definitely going to catch your up-to-date eye.

These designs are sure to be the talk of any living room, created in an innovative ‘bulging’ design with what looks like an overhead ‘dalek eye’, strangely making one think of a sore and somewhat swollen gland.

This is plug ‘n play technology, just as the earliest Windows software promised us. Just stick your iPhone or iPod into a docking slot to give it juice and also transmit acoustic pleasure directly to the Philips speakers.

‘AirPlay’ can also use a streaming capability to send sounds to the system too and the wireless capability of the ‘eggs’ will be compatible with all the newest iOS technology, also operating nicely with the MacBook Pro and Air.

Still, these speakers are claimed by Philips to be the most amazing sound experience currently available as the SoundSphere technology can get rid of any distracting or unwanted din. They are alleged to clearly separate both the bass and treble sounds, giving entertainment which is of the most encompassing and total listening pleasure. Much though seems to depend on where in your residence you decide to place these futuristic beauties, as the location of the SoundSphere’s will undoubtedly dictate how they perform and what sound spectrum is eventually heard.

Beware though, these bizarre rugby ball impersonators will create quite a dent in the average salary and are perhaps confined to those who value their technology above keeping a full fridge of food. Priced at just over a thousand dollars, around £700, the Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Speakers made their debut in May 2011, so whilst certainly an attractive design to some, the price will be distinctly unpalatable to others.

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