INgSOC hybrid bike, a futuristic electric powered cycle


The INgSOC may look like something that should be included in one of Spielberg’s science fiction movies, but this ultra modern and somewhat bizarre design could be the way of the future. The two wheeled mode of transport for human powering or via electric backing is supported by wheels that seem ‘odd’ somehow, and on closer inspection the reason becomes apparent, they are lacking both spoked and hubbed design.

With a coldly ‘hard’ feel about the bike which certainly defies a smooth curvature in as many ways as possible, the INgSOC hybrid is packed with electrically motorised and rechargeable assistance in the back wheel. There is even space for smartphone docking to connect those who can’t bear to part with their ‘phone whilst on the move in rush hour traffic!

No more risking life and limb on this hybrid either and gone are the days where left hand and right hand gingerly creep out from the handlebars to signal direction, just flick a switch to operate the indicating built-in lights to turn. Those who fondly reminisce about their childhood bike designs may not like this concept’s frame, built to an incredibly light carbon fibre constructed design, which does remind somewhat of the old Penny Farthing in looking to be quite an uncomfortable experience.

It’s sincerely hoped then that this cool hybrid is not the bone shaker of yester year and whilst it remains in the concept-only stage, let’s pray if it becomes a reality, the INgSOC will not be the cause of distressing piles experienced by the rider. Although to be fair, the design team have been reassuring in their belief that the bike will give a comfortable ride in the most aerodynamic fashion possible. This description remains to be seen in reality and judgement is suspended until the first prototype becomes available.

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