Blue Sky: The i’m watch, Connect your Smartphone


The latest offering from the Italian manufacturer Blue Sky comes in the form of an Android created wristwatch, which fits nicely on the wrist for all kinds of easy access whether you’re on the move, or at a standstill. Though, for constant time checkers who live life to a strict schedule this does more than simply tell you what time of day it is!

The watch, coyly named the “i’m watch” is reminiscent of an iPod Nano and is smartly attached to a holding strap, giving the wearer super speedy access to all kinds of features, with bells and whistles that a smartphone normally has within its software repository, however it does sadly lack a network connection.

Priced at 249 Euros (around $350), the i’m watch, identifying itself with a name which sounds more like a new car model from Kia, includes nifty controls operated via the touch of a finger which are often only found on the bigger counterparts of Android technology. By sharply using a finger to touch the glass of the petite 1.54 inch display, the word really is at your fingertips, from music, photos and e-mail communication. If you’d prefer some music to light up your life then even the miniscule jack included on the i’m watch can accommodate a pair of headphones, that’s what we call nifty!

Even though you can read text messages on the i’m watch display, you might be forgiven for being a little perplexed because the ability to reply to these doesn’t exist – there’s no keyboard!

Available in different colours to suit the fashion conscious, the i’m watch can also be purchased with real jewel designs or with valuable metals all helping to make the wearer feel absolutely unique. But, bear in mind this option is for those with very heavy wallets only! Buy this Bluetooth capable piece of must-have Android technology from around November this year.

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