The iCADE, an Arcade Cabinet for your iPad


If you happen to have an iPad or iPad 2 laying around, just slide it into the iCADE and you have a mini arcade machine ready for action.

The controls include a retro arcade style joystick; the old ball and stick type. You also get eight buttons to kill those cunning aliens. There is even a fake coin slot and wood affect trim for those arcade memories.

There are tons of games available to use with the iCADE. Atari, one of the biggest names in classic arcade games has made a collection of 100 Greatest Hits available for download on the App Store. They are all compatible with the iCADE.

The download comes with Missile Command game for free; you can then pay per game or get the full 100 Atari classic games for $14.99.

The iPad connects to the iCADE using Bluetooth, so you just slide it in and pair it up and play.
Once you have paired them you can have a game, leave the system to sleep and wake it up again by nudging the joystick or pushing the buttons.

The only power needed is for the Bluetooth connection and that’s just two AA batteries. The iCADE is compact little fun box and will sit on a desk comfortably.

The iCADE is one of the largest iPad accessories we’ve seen, one of these beauties will set you back $100 in the US and around £80 in the UK.

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