The MAUL Taser Shotgun shoots electrifying cartridges


This is taking Tasers to the next level. This MAUL Taser gun is able to fire five individual Taser cartridges in two seconds.

The cartridges are stacked next to each other and are electrically fired out of the gun; now that’s got to sting.

The Taser gun can be quickly be reloaded as the cartridges come in a single munitions tube.

There are two companies behind this bonkers piece of non-lethal weaponry. TASER International are the people that make the electric XREP (extended range electronic projectile) cartridge.
Then there is the terrifyingly named Australian company ‘Metal Storm’ (yes that is their actual name)

The Taser XREP cartridges can be fired up 100 feet / 30 Meters, they have four pins on the front which will dig into the body on impact and release the main charge for around 20 seconds.

Here is a video from Taser International explaining the XREP system

The chassis will split into two parts and the second part has six more pins which dig in to maximise the shock area.

The XREP Taser cartridges are not limited to this MAUL gun, they can in fact be fired from any 12-gauge pump-action shotgun.

Taser international also have a normal looking shotgun but in yellow, named the Taser X12, which has been optimised for the XREP cartridges.

The long range means its perfect for non-lethal remote crowd control. The MAUL and XERP cartridges are useful for both police and military applications; where it’s not possible to be close enough for current handheld Tasers.

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