Agility Saietta R super quick electric bike, 0-60 in 4 seconds


This radically designed street bike is a bit of a power monster with 120 Nm Torque at your fingertips, straight away from zero rpm. The Saietta R weighs 175kg and can take you from zero to sixty MPH in just four seconds, that’s crazy fast.

The range is pretty good; 100 miles to be exact. The charge time of electric vehicles is one of the most important considerations at this point in their relative infancy.

The Agility Saietta R will take just 3 hours on a FastCharge station, or if you’re using a standard socket it’s going to be around 7 hours for a full tank.

Agility have worked hard on the advanced suspension system and geometry of the bike, it’s said to have exceptional razor sharp handling. The chassis is made from composite monocoque which was pioneered in aircraft and provides strength, stiffness and flexibility.

If the Saietta R sounds slightly too powerful for your ‘popping to the shops’ needs then there is a less powerful model also available named the Saietta S. Well it’s still pretty quick in my book at just 5.5 seconds 0-60. The downside to the S model is the range is only 50 miles which is half that of the R’s.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, the guy’s at Agility are running track days through the next couple of months. You will need a full motorbike licence to ride one of these beasts.

The prices are £13750 for the R and £9750 for the S, they will be available to purchase in 2012.

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