The appBlaster Gun, Aliens in your Living room


If you have a iPhone / iPod touch and enjoy blasting aliens, this is the accessory for you. The appBlaster provides a new level of interactivity using the iPhone / iPod’s camera to make your house, the office or just about anywhere the battleground.

The gun itself is designed to be a shotgun or a handgun by removing the shoulder stock. You get two triggers (much better than one) which link directly with the touchscreen and are used for lasers and missiles in the current free game.

To use the gun you simply download the free Alien Attack game, then pop your iPod or iPhone in the casing on top of the gun and start blasting away. When it comes to reloading, just tilt the blaster back like the shoot-em-up arcade games.

The appBlaster is compatible with the free app named Alien Attack; it’s made by AppToyz, the same guys that make the gun. There are at least three more blaster friendly games in development.

The appBlaster works with the iPhone 3GS, 4 and the iPod Touch 4 and the price is around $32 in the US and £19.99 in the UK

AppToyz also have some other cool gadgets coming soon including the appWheel which is a racing wheel for the iPhone. AppCopter, a remote controlled helicopter using the iPhone and similarly appRacer, an iPhone controlled racing buggy.

We have included a slightly corny video of the appBlaster in action; it shows the setup and some gameplay.

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