Sony CyberShot TX55 Super Skinny compact, DSLR like results and 3D


The new CyberShot from Sony takes the title of world’s slimmest compact camera at only 12.2mm.

It’s quite astonishing how the guys at Sony have managed to pack so many features in such a tiny camera.

The design is sleek, the front has the standard Sony sliding-cover design and the whole of the back is taken up by the 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen.

The TX55 sports a 16.2 million pixel sensor and includes a new technology that is able to give a virtual 10x zoom without affecting picture quality, it’s named ‘By Pixel Super Resolution’.

Another top feature is the ability to shoot full HD 1080i movies at 60fps and with a feature named ‘Dual Rec’ you can capture still photos while your filming.

They have also managed to pack in 3D modes for photos and panoramas. The 3D works with just one lens as opposed to the usual dual lenses. It does this by taking two photos consecutively; it uses the first image to dynamically estimate depth and then creates a three-dimensional image.

Panorama shots are easy to capture by sweeping the camera across a scene, the high resolution mode will produce images up to 42 megapixels.

The TX55 also has some new in-camera picture editing software named ‘Picture Effect’ mode. These modes include Monochrome, Toy Camera and loads of others. The great part is being able to see the effects on-screen before you take the photo.

The Sony TX55 will be available in September, it will cost $350 in the US.

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