LG’s Optimus 3D phone, first glasses-free 3D mobile phone


LG Optimus 3DThis new LG 3D mobile is great for 3D lovers as it offers dual cameras on the back for 3D video recording and photos. The phone comes with a few 3D apps, games and videos preloaded.

The main downside; it’s a bit of a chunky monkey and it doesn’t really look like a masterpiece of design genius.

On the entertainment side of things the Optimus 3D comes up trumps with a micro HDMI port, this allows all your video and photos to be linked up to the big screen. It’s even better if you have a 3D TV.

The Optimas has a 3D button on the side, when pressed a menu of 3D delights pops up, including a 3D guide, YouTube 3D, Games an apps in 3D and the 3D camera.

The number of 3D videos on YouTube is growing and there are a large number of videos which claim 3D in the title, you can identify the real 3D videos; just watch out for a 3D sign under the video.

Videos can be filmed at 720p and photos can be up to 3MP. When viewing your photos and videos in 3D, watch out for smears, fingerprints and reflections as these can hinder the 3D effects.

The only slight problem with the whole 3D arena is eyestrain, there are many tests being conducted at the moment to find the causes and to develop 3D technologies without the strain.

Is there a difference in strain when using 3D glasses as opposed to the glasses-free options like this Optimus 3D mobile.

The Optimus is now available at Three UK and the Carphone Warehouse.LG Optimus 3D

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