Mac OS X Lion available on Mac App Store


The new Mac OS is named Lion and it’s the 8th version of the Windows rivalling operating system.

Apple have made it very simple to download the new update using there Mac App Store. Its proving a great success with over a million downloads on the same day it was released.

The price is low compared with the Microsoft equivalent at $29.99 / £21 for the upgrade. You will need to be running Mac OS X version 10.6.6 Snow Leopard.

The file is pretty huge, 3.7GB to be exact, this will take a while to suck down for most connections. Alternatively you will be able to grab a copy on a USB stick in August.

Apple is saying this update has over 250 new features. Some of the best include the auto save feature which will automatically save your files continuously. There’s a new resume function which will save everything just the way you left it, including the position of application windows.

The new mission control gives you a view of everything running on the Mac and the Launchpad is a ‘home’ for apps.

Multi-Touch gestures is a way to control apps using finger gestures similar to the way you would use your Iphone, with pinching and dragging motions.
The Magic Trackpad accessory is perfect for making use of the new gestures. The Trackpad uses Bluetooth and looks like a large laptop track pad.

The Apple guys have also rearranged the mail app and introduce AirDrop which is a automatic peer-to-peer file sharing utility.

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