Solar keyboard, forget batteries use the Sun


Logitech have come up with the world’s first wireless solar keyboard and it looks great, at only 1/3 inch thick, it feels like your using a laptop keypad.
Power from the Sun is awesome, however, if you’re stuck in a dull office there’s no problem as the Solar keyboard also works fine with any type of light.

The Logitech k750 keyboard runs on the 2.4 GHz wireless standard which means you can be meters away from the computer, on your comfy sofa. The 2.4 GHz wireless is also optimised to be efficient with battery power.

Another nice feature is the tiny receiver that can stay plugged in, especially good if you’re always on the move with a laptop. The receiver can handle multiple devices; so both mouse and keyboard.

The Solar keyboard comes with a smart little app which lets you know how much battery power you have remaining. The app can also show how much juice you’re receiving from the little lamp on your desk.

The guys at Logitech have gone the whole hog on the green theme, no PVC is used in the construction and even the box is fully recyclable.

Now we come to the price, around $70 or £60, remember you never need to buy batteries.
A solar mouse would be a good accompaniment, but would it get enough charge as your hand is covering it most of the time.

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