Jetpacks are becoming a reality, come fly with me


Man has always dreamed of flying, even way back with Leonardo Da Vinci’s crazy looking flying machines. This dream is to be realised as the Martin Jetpack is in final testing stages.

The New Zealand Company founded by Glenn Martin is accepting deposits from commercial and private customers. The target price for the initial private Jetpack is US$100,000 and they are hoping to make the first deliveries in late 2011.

If you’re thinking about the consequences of engine failure at 2000 feet, don’t worry they have it covered with a ballistic parachute which can be deployed even at low altitudes. There is also an internal roll cage which helps protect the pilot.

The company has had a lot of interest from many different markets including governments and the militarily. They are currently finalising the unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) version. The UAV will be the first jetpack in production and the focus is on emergency response and defence.

The power for the two fan system comes from a powerful 2.0 litre 2 stroke Martin aircraft engine, which produces 200 HP. The jetpack is classed as an ultra-light aircraft by the FAA, so you don’t need a FAA recognised pilots license.

You will need to complete the Martin Aircraft Company’s approved training programme before you can take it home and fly to work.

We have included a video of a 5000 Feet flight with a test of the ballistic parachute, which works perfectly.

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